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Comet TV: Mystery Science Theater 3000 Giveaway!

For the month of April, we’re heading into space to celebrate the fact that Comet TV has a bunch of episodes of MST3K heading back to Comet TV! We thought this was the perfect time for people and fans to introduce Comet TV to a friend, so this giveaway will have a glass for your

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COMET GIVEAWAY For March Movie Badness! Limited Edition Alien Goodness!

To celebrate their March Movie Badness, Comet TV is giving y’all the ERocks readers a chance to win a really cool prize pack. The pack includes: A Limited Edition COMET TV Door Basketball Hoop & Ball– This amazing limited edition door basketball hoop is perfect for all ages. It’s clearly a SLAM DUNK! One Pair

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COMET Future-Tastic January Giveaway! Blast Off With Flash Gordon! Futureworld! And More!

2017 has arrived and we’re going out of this world to bring you this awesome new contest brought to you by Scifi-Network, COMET. COMET, the newest & obviously coolest Sci-Fi Network is back this month with awesome and fun content and another exclusive prize pack. Comet is showing the best in fun cult classic films

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