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#ERocksBest – Regional Mexican Song, “Contigo” – Calibre 50

You voted and the #ERocksBest – Regional Mexican Song is “Contigo” by Calibre 50. 2015 has been great for Calibre 50, “Contigo” is one of the most played songs on Regional Mexican music radio stations (La Raza 97.9) and it continues to climb the music charts including Billboard. Earlier in the year they concluded a successful

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#ERocksBest – New Artist

2015 introduced us to new artists. Artists that made us sing, dance, rock out, cry and made us feel emotions we didn’t know we could feel. Hundred, heck even thousands of new artists were introduced to us this year. It was very tough, but these are the #ERocksBest – New Artist nominees. Who will you

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#ERocksBest – Animated Series

Your kids watch them, you watch them (even if you don’t want to admit it), heck America loves these animated series. The nominees for #ERocksBest – Animated Series are The Simpsons, Bob’s Burgers, Family Guy, Regular Show, and Adventure Time.  You can never go wrong with a great Animated Series, that’s why these are the nominees.

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#ERocksBest – Latin Song, Female

Male singers make you fall in love, scream and go crazy, but Female singers make you feel emotions. Whether it’s getting ready to go party, forgetting about an ex or simply wanting to have a good time. These are the nominees for the #ERocksBest – Latin Song, Female. The nominees are Paulina Rubio, Leslie Grace,

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#ERocksBest – Regional Mexican Song

Three of the best in the Regional Mexican genre go against two new comers for the crown of #ERocksBest – Regional Mexican Song. The nominees are: Adriel Favela, Calibre 50, Banda MS, Jonatan Sanchez and Banda el Recodo. Who will take the crown? That’s up to YOU…VOTE!                

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#ERocksBest – Latin Song, Male

The time has come to vote for the #ERocksBest – Latin Song, Male.  These guys break your heart, make you smile, dance, cry and the best part? They make you sing their song at the top of your lungs. It was a tough decision, but these are the #ERocksBest – Latin Song, Male nominees. Prince

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#ERocksBest – UPDATE

A couple weeks back, we announced the nominees for #ERocksBest 2015. Y’all voted like crazy and it nearly crashed our site, thank you for that. It’s truly amazing. We were supposed to announce the winner during Halloween, but I had foot surgery and couldn’t do much walking or standing unless I used a wheelchair and I

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#ERocksBest – EDM Artist

They make you happy, dance, love life, get lost in the music and even sweat during your morning workout. But who will you crown the #ERocksBest – EDM Artist? The nominees are: Avicii, Dillon Francis, Calvin Harris, Deorro, Krewella, Martin Garrix, Zedd, Kygo.                

#ERocksBest – Regional Mexican Artist

These eight guys know how to make a statement. Whether you’re drinking with friends, missing that special loved one or just want to rebel against the world, these guys compose the best song in Regional Mexican music.  Question is, who will you crown the #ERocksBest – Regional Mexican Artist title? The nominees are Luis Coronel,

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#ERocksBest 2015 Nominees

The time has come to crown your favorite artists, song, television shows, Netflix series, telenovelas, actors, social media stars and more. These are the nominees for #ERocksBest 2015, your vote crowns the best in pop culture. Nominees were chosen by yours truly (ERocks team), but YOUR votes will decide who takes the #ERocksBest crown. What are

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