Verizon and Spotify Team Up for the “Holiday Hintlist”

Picking out the perfect gift is notoriously difficult.  To help make it a little easier, Verizon has partnered with Spotify to create a tool that empowers both gift givers and receivers to ensure loved ones get what they really, really want this holiday season.

Now available at, the “Holiday Hintlists” is fun, surprisingly specific, curated playlists that spell out what tech products consumers want for the holidays.


Users visit the site, select the Verizon gift they want – including smartphones, headphones, smartwatches, and connected home devices – and the experience generates a custom “hint” playlist on Spotify that users can share to their social channels.  Hundreds of curated playlists (featuring real songs already on Spotify, with names like “Z2” and “Samsung S8”) are used to spell out playful, gift-request messages with new playlists being added throughout December.  The activation is based on the insight that millennials, who are obsessed with sharing music playlists, actually create and share more of them during the holiday season.

By the way, if you have some cash left over and want to send us a gift, we’ve curated our own playlist with what kind of gift we want, just saying.

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