Created in partnership with Superstar DJ/Producer Avicii, aka Tim Bergling, Hello There Games, and PlayStationINVECTOR is a new rhythm game that rides on a fundamental but simple core; the awesome feeling you get from listening to great music, which Avicii fans know all about. INVECTOR launches TONIGHT at Midnight (Eastern Standard Time).

INVECTOR contains a library of 22 of Avicii’s songs including favorites such as “Levels” and just released tracks from his latest EP: AVĪCI‘, featuring “Lonely Together” and “Without You”. Stunning audiovisuals, which fans have come to expect from Avicii’s live shows, reward the player throughout the game.


INVECTOR tells the story of happy-go-lucky Stella, Collector Pilot H45H1M – voiced by American artist Maya Tuttle. Stella’s mission, to gather colorful fragments spread across the universe, is a wild ride from one stunning planet to the next.

Sure, her ship keeps breaking down. But it’s nothing that a strand of less humble words and a kick in the engine can’t fix. And yeah, her precious stash of chocolate bars has indeed been running low lately. Gonna have to sort that out. But as long as the music volume and the ship’s speed are maxed out – nothing can bring her down. Until one day, when she suddenly receives new orders.


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