Gerardo Ortiz’s New Album, ‘COMERÉ CALLADO VOL.1’ Available for Pre-Order

Gerardo Ortiz’s new album, Comeré Callado Vol. 1 (I’ll Eat in Silence) which is to be released June 23 is now available for pre-order on all digital music platforms including iTunes!

To celebrate the release of his highly anticipated album, Gerardo Ortiz will be conducting in-store events and be signing autographs throughout the United States and Mexico; see below for dates. Ortiz will release exclusive content to his fans via, visit the website for more details.

His seventh studio LP, Comeré Callado Vol. 1 includes his recent hit singles, the banda ballad “Regresa Hermosa” (Return, Lovely) and the norteño heartbreaker “Para Que Lastimarme” (Why Hurt Me). With the chart-topping success of “Regresa Hermosa,” Gerardo Ortiz set the record for most #1 hits by a solo artist in the history of the Billboard Regional Mexican Songs chart.

The two-time GRAMMY® nominee and one-time Latin GRAMMY® has established himself as one of the pioneers and architects of the alternative corrido movement and one of the most award-winning singers of regional Mexican music in the past years. Gerardo Ortiz is undeniably one of Latin music’s most defining artist of the last decade and his wide recognition stems from the chart-topping success of his albums and back-to-back #1 singles.

Gerardo Ortiz is becoming an online and social media powerhouse– with over 3.6 million Instagram fans, and an astounding ONE BILLION+ views on VEVO.