3rd Annual Peter Tosh Day Celebrated in Denver, Colorado And Northern California

The family of the famed reggae artist and human-rights activist, Peter Tosh, launched Peter Tosh 420, a cannabis lifestyle company with a mission to organically grow the Peter Tosh legacy by providing the world with quality cannabis products for medicinal power, spiritual enlightenment, and adult enjoyment.

In Colorado, Peter Tosh 420 officially kicked-off 4/20 week on Friday, April 14, 2017at the Sensi Media Night event at City Hall in downtown Denver. Representing the family at the event was Peter’s grandson, Andre “Dre” Tosh, who came in from Kingston, Jamaica and made a limited appearance to introduce the reggae band Hosanna, who paid tribute to the great artist and original ambassador of the legalization movement, by playing his iconic counter-culture hit “Legalize It” to the cheers of over two thousand invited guests at the event. Dre was also on hand meeting and reasoning with fans all night at the Peter Tosh 420 Canna-bus. “It was an inspirational evening,” commented the 22-year old Dre, a budding artist in his own right. “I think my grandfather would have been very proud tonight seeing how much progress has been made in America and around the world towards bringing a sacred herb out of the shadows and into the light,” added Dre.

The celebration continues today, on International Peter Tosh Day, with select dispensaries in Northern California, sharing their organic premium favorites with Tosh fans. “California represents the largest cannabis market in the world, and we have an opportunity to spread my father’s message of equal rights and justice to a diverse and cultured audience,” said Niambe McIntosh, the president of PT Capital, LLC. “We want to re-introduce Peter’s music and legacy to those who already know him, as well as educate the younger generation about a cultural icon,” continued Ms. McIntosh.

Proceeds from every sale will be donated to the Peter Tosh Foundation, which will be administered by Peter’s family. “Our father was a staunch advocate for equal rights and justice. With Peter Tosh 420, we will honor his legacy by becoming a global force toward actualization of his ideas. The Peter Tosh Foundation will support education and social programs with an emphasis on social justice, cannabis legalization, and other humanitarian causes in Jamaica and around the world. We are not just starting a company, we are starting a movement,” said McIntosh.

Peter Tosh 420 plans to organically build its brand awareness in both Colorado and California in 2017, and spread its message of equal rights and justice around the world in the months and years to come. Please visit www.PeterTosh.com.