Workin’ Out With Sasquatch Soars To New Heights With Karl-Anthony Towns

Jack Link’s is bringing Workin’ Out With Sasquatch back, and it’s taller than ever.

After powering football players Clay Matthews and Odell Beckham Jr. into the playoffs, Sasquatch thought it was time he gave a professional tall athlete the chance to develop that same meaty physique in a fully integrated marketing campaign. If anyone can size up to America’s favorite woodland man-beast it’s basketball star Karl-Anthony Towns (KAT), a beast of his own at 7 feet tall weighing in at 1/8 of a ton.

Sasquatch leads the jerky-powered program that is based on physical prowess, physique, and world-famous hair, proving that ultimate performance can be achieved through this impressive fitness program.

One spot, titled “Workin’ Out with KAT,” shows Karl-Anthony Towns following Sasquatch’s lead to build strength by deadlifting a log, explosiveness by jumping over a porcupine, calisthenics through leg raises, and of course, light stretching and 100 percent beef protein. In another spot, called “What’s in KAT’s gym bag,” KAT unveils his gym bag to show how its contents, including protein-packed Jack Link’s jerky and a fully grown North American badger, assist him in Workin’ Out With Sasquatch.

Other meaty campaign content includes a spot, titled “Vest,” in which KAT proudly shows off his pectoral muscles in a vest to demonstrate that protein is an essential part of muscle growth that powers the ability to wear… just a vest. Karl-Anthony Towns also shows off his shapely calves in a spot called “Calves,” where he extolls the benefit of the Sasquatch Workout’s daily calf raises routine followed up with Jack Link’s Original Beef Jerky and new Jack Link’s Extra Tender Beef Jerky.

While KAT wins with a career high in jerky dunking, consumers also have the chance to score big in the form of baller prizes. Slam Dunk Jack Link’s Protein with a video entry online for a chance to win signed KAT gear, one-of-a-kind Sasquatch shoes or an all expense trip to the big game finals. For contest details, visit: #SlamDunkProtein

In addition, beginning in March limited edition KAT packs will be available on the Jack Link’s online store for purchase. Each KAT pack contains four varieties of jerky and a life-sized poster of KAT. Limited supplies available. To receive a reminder when KAT packs are available and for other beefy surprises, sign up here:

Jack Link’s fully integrated marketing campaign scoreboard includes these 30- and 15-second spots that will run on TV networks like TNT, Adult Swim, and FX. In addition, content will be served across the web on platforms including YouTube, Hulu and Funny or Die and on Jack Link’s social channels.

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