Big Mother Gig Release “Alvarado,” New Single in Over 20 years

Big Mother Gig

Popular music is cyclical. A never-ending ebb-and-flow of different genres rising to the mainstream before taking a turn at being “yesterday’s news” for a decade or two.

In the mid 1990’s indie rock was king. There were different bastions of local, insular rock communities just waiting for the major label system to come pluck their most promising stars out and deliver them to a stardom. One of the most influential of these scenes was the melodic-alt movement that was centered around the midwestern United States.

Big Mother Gig was around for the start of this all, and were a pen-stroke away from transcending to the next level before the band decided to part ways and explore other opportunities. Not to worry, because Big Mother Gig are back with new single “Alvarado.”

“Alvarado” is a punchy, punk-tinged indie rock banger with flippant social commentary infused in the lyrics and a huge hook that makes the song accessible in spite of it’s outsider message. We dig it and we think you will too. Let us know what you think, send us a Tweet or leave us a message on Facebook.