#ArtistSpotlight – Darkbird


We’re excited to bring back #ArtistSpotlight, yes we know it’s way late in 2015, but it’s never too late to introduce you to an up & coming kick-ass band.

Darkbird are an indie rock band based out of Austin, Texas and we’re excited to introduce you to them. So, who are Darkbird?

Darkbird’s formation came in 2012 shortly after lead singer Kelly Barnes relocated to Austin, Texas and found Guitarist Brian Cole, unexpectedly, through Craigslist. It didn’t take long – less than a cup of coffee – for the two to realize they shared the same vision for their musical careers and they set out to start recording their first single.

Within days they had created their first piece of magic together and started looking for other members to form the band. Chris Young quickly jumped on board as the band’s drummer and he brought with him his long time friend and former band mate, Chris Spencer who completed the outfit on bass.

Fast-forward to 2015 and the quartet are gearing up to release their much anticipated debut EP, I remember feeling my fingers slip, it features “Poison Arrows” their new single. Trust us when we say that this track is phenomenal. 

“Poison Arrows” is an atmospheric anthem that grabs you from the very beginning and doesn’t let go until it’s haunting finale that will have you rocking out. 2015 may be coming to an end, but be prepared to hear a whole lot of Darkbird in 2016 and for many years to come.

Think of Darkbird as a cross between Silversun Pickups and Metric, we dig their sound and you will too!