An Open Letter to ABC: Renew ‘CRISTELA’!

On Friday, April 17th one of the BEST NEW Comedies on television, “Cristela” came to an end…possibly forever.

“Cristela” is one of those rare, beautiful stones that you come across while walking on a road. You give it a couple of scrubs in the kitchen sink and it turns out to be a diamond and that’s what “Cristela” was and is for me, a series that could be a beautiful diamond.

I’m a 24 year old latino male and “Cristela” is practically my life story. The series gives latinos a voice, it showcases the struggles that we have to go through in life. Cristela has been in Law School for six years, I on the other hand have in college (community college, to be exact) for nearly five years. It’s not because I’m not smart, there have been challenges that come up in life and sometimes it takes longer to achieve your goals. In the end though, much like Cristela you can overcome any obstacle that comes your way. You can think of Cristela as a superhero which is true, because she’s pretty bad ass.

Latinos are under represented in television and Cristela Alonzo is doing a pretty good job giving Latinos a voice. I’m a guy and I feel empowered by what she’s created, she gives me hope that one day the world will embrace Latinos and not take us for granted. If you look at statistics, Latinos are pretty much taking over yet we’re still under represented…Why? C’mon ABC, give this series a shot. It can and will surprise you.

“Cristela” gives the Latino community a chance to make fun of ourselves and see that we all go through the same things in life. There’s comedy, drama and emotional moments. I find myself tearing up when I can relate to things that happen in the series and I admit…that doesn’t happen a lot. “Cristela” is a diamond in the rough, with a bit of polishing and love it can be a beautiful gem.

The entire cast including Cristela are phenomenal. I applaud Maria Canals-Barrera, Carlos Ponce, Gabriel Iglesias, Terry Hoyos and the kids (Isabella Day and Jacob Guenther) for creating characters that I and all the viewers have come to love.

So, what are you going to do ABC?



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  1. I am a 60 year old Silicon Valley ex-techie and this tv show reflects nothing about the way I grew up … except for the intimacy and nonstereotypical realness of the family and work situations. This is a classic show ala Roseanne and *I LOVE IT*. The writing, acting and directing are absolutely fantastic. How can I help campaign to keep this on the air?

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