SESAC Latina Affiliate Memo Ibarra Leads His Group Alerta Zero on An Exclusive ‘Reality Show’

Directed by singer-songwriter Guillermo “Memo” Ibarra, the members of the group Alerta Zero, star in their own reality show, which premieres Saturday, May 11 at 3 p.m., across the United States on mun2.

Based in Chicago, this group opens itself up to the cameras while it travels from city to city on tour, and takes us behind the scenes to show us its experiences on and off stage. It’s an all-access pass to the reality of their daily life and work.

Described as a youthful “docu-reality” show, the 10-episode, one-hour program emphasizes that being in a touring band is hard work. That’s especially the case for Memo Ibarra, who has challenged himself to find renewed success in the music world after a stint as a member of the very popular group Alacranes Musical.

The premiere of this reality show coincides with the promotional campaign for Invencibles (Invincible), the group’s second album. Their members are: Memo Ibarra, lead vocals; Sahrel López,backing vocals; José Luis Carrisoza, tuba/baritone horn; Andrés Gutiérrez Jr., tuba; Pedro Celis, sax; Joel Rosales, sax (also a former member of Alacranes Musical); Narciso Rodríguez, drums; and Miguel Montero, bombo drum.

Check out the series poster, below!


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