Mat Kearney’s Young Love Album Review

Mat Kearney is back with his fourth studio album Young Love now available in stores and on iTunes.

 Young Love is Mat’s most personal album to date. The album’s infectious pop lead single “Hey Mama” was written for his new wife. Each song on the album tells a different story, and they all blend well together.

 I absolutely love this album, it’s definitely Mat’s best album to date. The standout tracks are, lead single “Hey Mama”, “Ships in The Night”, “Count On Me”, “Sooner or Later”, “Chasing The Light”, “Learning to Love Again”, “Down”, “She Got the Honey”, “Young Dumb and In Love”, “Rochester”, “Seventeen”.

 Yes, I did just post the whole track list above, haha.

 You should definitely buy Young Love it’s one of the year’s best albums.

 Album rating: 5/5

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