“The Summer Set” ‘Everything’s Fine’ Album Review.

The Summer Set are back with their sophomore album ‘Everything’s Fine’, the follow-up to their 2008 debut album ‘Love Like This’.

‘Everything’s Fine’ features eleven, mellow, catchy, poppy, upbeat songs. The album’s stand out tracks are lead single “Someone Like You”, “Must Be The Music”, “About A Girl”, “Mannequin”, and, “As Thick as Thieves”.

This is only the band’s second album, but it’s definitely the best one out of the two. Lead singer Brian Dales shows a lot of growth in both his singing and lyric writing.

If you’ve never heard of The Summer Set then do yourself a favor and buy “Everything’s Fine”.

It’s definitely one of the best album’s of 2011.

Overall album score: 4.5/5

We would like to thank our very own Ruben for this great review.


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